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時間:2021-07-23 20:15:31 作者:admin



  Over the past four years, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge under the strict guidance of my teacher and my personal efforts. I have successfully completed different design projects between individuals and teams. I have a good command of English and a good command of the relevant design software. At the same time, work-study during college hone my will; internship enrich themselves and cultivate a wide range of skills. I am cheerful and lively, studious, have a good sense of teamwork.

  I like to challenge themselves, the courage to forge ahead with innovation, a team spirit.

  Serious and responsible work, there are hard-working spirit! I want a new starting point to create new achievements, my self-confidence, from my ability, your encouragement; my hope pinned on your eye. If you trust and hope to me, then my self-confidence, my ability, my dedication will be your most satisfactory answer.


  Skilled use of 3DS MAX, VR, AUTOCAD, CorelDRAW and some other computer work software. Industry contacts a wide range, familiar with solid wood, plate, software, some of the material properties, processing and material surface treatment process. Have strong communication skills, can be hard-working. Have strong organizational skills, adaptability and teamwork awareness.

  I am cheerful, optimistic, love life, the courage to challenge themselves. Have strong organizational skills and teamwork During the two years of university study hard to learn the various courses, but also actively participate in a number of community activities, improve their physical and mental development, improve the comprehensive ability. I am about to enter the community, experience in the experience are still inadequate, more need to continue to work in the future to enhance and improve themselves.


  Blink of an eye in xxxx is about to leave us, the long-awaited xxxx with a mysterious smile is waving to us! Time flies, time along with our footsteps gallop away, Mouran look back, only to find the past year and can not draw a satisfactory full stop, not only filled with emotion, the new year began, in ourLook forward to the future, it is necessary for the past year to do a review of the work, sum up the lessons learned in the past year, to be improved in the new year.

  First of all, I would like to thank all the leaders and colleagues of Shenzhen Yijizhijie Home Co., Ltd. for their trust and support, and under the guidance of the leadership of the company's leadership, with the help of colleagues, the work achieved satisfactory results. Design work is painful and happy purgatory, when faced with a major design task is full of pressure, began to collect all kinds of information (including art forms, color matching, a variety of styles of design pictures, etc.), then look for design inspiration, meditation, Anxious, after pain and suffering, and finally have a satisfactory creative feel more relaxed. When the hard tempered, their work to get everyone's affirmation, the work is the greatest happiness! Full of pleasure.

  Of course, the work of pain and happiness first requires a firm political beliefs and positions, abide by the law, love and dedication of the strong sense of responsibility and dedication.

  Because of their love of their work, so proficient in the post of professional knowledge and business skills, familiar with the industry norms, concerned about the industry trends. Always maintain a strong sense of innovation.

  Iron and steel discipline indicates remarkable achievements, abide by the rules and regulations, adhere to the workplace, with high enthusiasm to work enthusiastically into their own work, to work overtime, without complaint. A good understanding of their work and responsibilities, to fulfill the job responsibilities, to high-quality, efficient completion of their work. For the work of the sector to make its due contribution.

  The following is my work over the past year to review: Zhejiang Education Examination Building plan and facade plan to modify the Riverside model room plan and construction plans Zhoushan office building in Mong Kok model room Xinhua cinema ... ... there are several small projects

  Task size, processing time is different But, I are serious about the quality and quantity, on time and do my best to do every job. The past year as a whole is tense, busy, full, but also full of sense of responsibility of the year. Looking forward to the new work year, hoping to be able to re-grind, but also need to further strengthen the training of their own design level and operational capacity, in the future work with colleagues to communicate more. More concerned about the nature of the work of other departments to further improve their professional knowledge and skills, and actively absorb new ideas and design concepts, to continue to work in their own sense of doing things, honest man, strive to make greater achievements To, for the company to bring greater benefits!

  In the future work to maintain a good attitude, not afraid of hardship is not afraid of tired, hard working, pay more to complain, do their own work. In the past, there are also deficiencies in the work, strive to correct the shortcomings of the past, summed up the essence of experience, analyze the reasons for failure and lack of work for the work of the next year to prepare for the war!

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