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DSC-200 Colling scanning-differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

Product introduction:
DSC is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT).

Main Features:
1. New designed oven structure ensures high resolution and good stability of base line;
2. Air flow meter may control the air flow rate accurately; the test data can be recorded into the database directly;
3. The instrument is bilateral control, may be controlled by both main frame and software. User-friendly interface, easy operation.

Technical parameters:
1. DSC range: 0~±500mW
2. Temperature range: room temperature~600℃~room temperature  air-cooled

3. Heating rate: 1 ~ 80℃/min    Cooling rate: 1 ~ 10 ℃ / min
4. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃
5. Temperature fluctuations: ±0.1℃
6. Temperature repeatability: ±0.1℃
7. DSC noise: 0.01μW
8. DSC resolution: 0.01μW
9. DSC accuracy: 0.1μW
10. DSC sensitivity: 0.1μW
11. Control Mode: Rising temperature, constant temperature(full automatic programmed control)
12. Curve scanning: Rising scan, *cooling scan
13. Atmosphere control: Embedded digital flow meter & Software control
14. Display: 24 bit color  7 inches  LCD touch screen display

15. Data interface: standard USB connector
16. Parameter standard: equipped with standard material, with a key calilbration function, the user may correct temperature and heat enthalpy
17. Note: * for selecting projects, all technical indicators can be adjusted according to customers' demand

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