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DZ5001 dielectric constant test

Medium loss and dielectric constant is an important physical property of materials such as metal oxide, plank, porcelain (pottery), mica, glass, plastics, etc. Through measurement, the various factors of dielectric loss and dielectric constant can be further understood, providing conditions for improving the properties of materials. The equipment is used for applied research of inorganic metal new material properties in scientific research institutions, schools, factories and other institutions.

Technical indicators:
1. Q value range classification: 30, 100, 300, 999, automatic transmission
2. Capacitance measuring scope: 1 ~ 460pF (capacitance measurement more than 460pF see service regulations)
3. Accuracy: + 0.2 pF.
4. Oscillation frequency range: 10 kHz ~ 50MHz;
5. Q qualified instructions Pre-set function, Pre-set range: 5 ~ 999.
6. Sample size: Thickness: 2±0.5mm,  long * width: > 30mm * 30mm

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