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DZ3900 rubber carbon black dispersity detector

Product introduction:

DZ3900 rubber carbon black dispersity detector is a fast comparative method for testing the dispersion of carbon black and carbon black in rubber 6030-2006 rubber in accordance with the international standard GB/T.

The instrument is suitable for DZ3900 software and the corresponding professional microscope based on image method by measuring the carbon black particle mass scale, morphology, and distribution, and establish the internal relationship between these parameters and mechanical properties, antistatic property, hygroscopicity and other macro performance index. This will have a positive impact on the quality assurance of rubber materials, production process, new product research and development, and promote the rapid improvement of technology level in enterprises and industries.


Instrument characteristics:

1. Using the professional image analysis method, the dispersity grade of carbon black is determined by computer, and the detection accuracy is high.

2. The particle size of target carbon black can be analyzed from micrometer to millimeter scale

3equipped with professional microscope, equipped with 5 million CMOS image transmitter

4you can save a single image, the size of the image by 640*4801024*7681280*10242592*1944 four sizes to choose from

5rich image processing function, to meet the needs of a variety of image processing

6. the software has two ways of automatic and manual black carbon image segmentation
7. the software can meet the requirements of local analysis
8. equipped with micrometer scale, pixel size calibration can be carried out, and the software has the function of moving ruler, can be measured at any distance between two points
9. According to the type of carbon black in rubber, the standard library provided by ISO is set up to meet the visual contrast requirements of customers, and the customers can also establish the standard library by themselves
10.the output results cover the number of carbon black particles, particle size, area, etc., and can be output in the form of data statements and excel
11. Provide grayscale distribution map, particle size distribution map, particle size distribution map
12the report results include: sample name, standard name, original image, gray scale map, etc.. The report output format is diverse, you can choose picture format or PDF format for preservation.
13. software test various mainstream operating system, and win7/win10/winXP and other good compatibility.
14. using USB2.0 data interface, can be adapted to a variety of acquisition devices (such as: camera or digital camera)

Technical parameters:

1. detection range 1um - 1cm;
2. imaging resolution 2592*1944 (5 million pixel CCD digital camera)

3. optical magnification 100 times The irradiation angle of the 

4. 4. light source can be adjusted at any angle;

5. image size 640*4801024*7682048*15362592*1944;

6. analysis time selection, image size is different, slightly different;

 7. instrument power supply 220V /2A/50Hz

Applicable standards: three series:

Rapid comparison method for evaluating dispersion of carbon black and carbon black in GBT 6030-2006 rubber

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